Commercial Cleaning Service

Commercial Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA

Many do not realize the amount of work it takes to keep office and retail space clean. From dusting desks to removing scuff marks, it can become an arduous task for your employees. Our cleaners specialize in cleaning a variety of commercial properties from accountants’ offices to restaurants.

We can also handle commercial cleaning jobs of any size from local businesses to sprawling industrial complexes in Philadelphia, PA. Depending on your needs, we will create a specific cleaning routine to provide your business with the best possible clean. If your business deals with a high volume of traffic, you can opt to have us come on a weekly basis to fight signs of wear from your clients and employees. Spaces that do not require as much cleaning can choose from our bi-weekly or monthly scheduling options. If a special event comes up at the last minute and you need the office cleaned, we will expedite a team of our expert cleaners to get the job done as fast as we can.

During the routine cleanings of your business in Philadelphia, PA, we will dust every surface from top to bottom, including woodwork and hard to reach light fixtures. Our cleaners will also vacuum any carpets, mop the floor, and hand wash the walls and doors. If the office has a kitchen or bathroom, we can thoroughly clean and disinfect all of its appliances with our microfiber cloths.

Commercial Floor Maintenance

Along with providing regular cleanings, we can provide floor maintenance to ensure your commercial property looks it absolute best for customers. Over time, certain areas on your floor will likely show signs of wear from handling high levels of traffic. Our cleaners are skilled in waxing and polishing floors to restore your floor’s luster. To provide regular maintenance for your floor, we also offer re-sealing services to ensure it lasts for years to come.

We have built a reputation for providing the best customer service in Philadelphia, PA. All of the cleanings are inspected by the owner of Sofian Cleaning to guarantee your satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, we provide you with a direct line of contact with the owner, so your call is never bounced around or neglected.

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