Turnovers & Restorations

Your One Stop Partner

What We Can Do For You

  • Home Repairs – electrical and plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, painting and wall repairs, roofing, landscaping/hardscaping, masonry, basement drainage
  • General and Heavy Duty Housecleaning
  • Window Cleaning, Interior and Exterior
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Scrubbing and Polishing
  • Garage, Basement and Attic Clean-Outs
  • Bad smell removal
  • Bathroom/Kitchen Caulking Replacement – Full range of home repairs designed specifically for the real estate sale process.

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Your Listing Is Our Priority…
Yes, we know it must be ready “yesterday”


Quick Turnaround


One call is all.


For you or your client.

All your listings are unique, but they also have one thing in common

they must sell well and they must sell quick.

Based on our 13 years of experience in service for local Real Estate Professionals, we were able to design our services to MAXIMIZE the efficiency of entire prep work before placing a new listing on the market.

As your ONE-STOP-PARTNER, we will take care of all projects requested by you and the homeowner to make a property ready to be listed QUICKLY within THE REQUESTED TIME FRAME.

It’s THAT SIMPLE! From in-depth cleaning, through a whole spectrum of repairs, to major improvements required by home inspectors.

How We Do It

Being local and active in the community, we understand your needs better.

We know that a house in Manayunk will be profiled for a different clientele than a mansion in Blue Bell.

A 750 sf condo on Arch Street in Philly will get a different audience than a row house on Parrish Street or a loft at Society Hill.

We know how to fulfill your need for having a place ready to “go out” without juggling between an endless number of contractors, handymen, subs and “do-it-all” guys.

Because we work in small teams we can easily handle multiple projects at a time cutting wait time to zero.

Well equipped, organized and fully mobile we will be there for you. Fully insured and licensed (may be issued to one of our partners) for additional peace of mind.

We promise to WOW! you and your client with every project! 

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